call me whatever you want - 16 yr old girl (she/her) out of manchester or where ever

sometimes a writer, sometimes a hopeless romantic and always hopeless. im only here for the headcanon jams

out of


Carlota Santamaria


Denise Bidot opening the Chromat Spring 2015 show at NYFW!

i didnt actually wake up in a dumpster this morning but apparently nobody told my hair

i havent been on tumblr in so long im going to welcome myself back onto this trash website by posting selfies

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she makes the sound, the sound the sea makes to calm me down


Memento mori death watch, circa 1810


don’t need a search warrant to come up in my house


 Jackie JS LEE spring 2012

White women’s feminisms still center around equality…. Black women’s feminisms demand justice. There is a difference. One kind of feminism focuses on the policies that will help women integrate fully into the existing American system. The other recognizes the fundamental flaws in the system and seeks its complete and total transformation.

Brittney Cooper | Feminism’s ugly internal clash: Why its future is not up to white women (via blairwitchwaldorf)

come hang on twitter

i’ll follow you back OBVIOUSLY

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Rihanna for Vogue Brazil, May 2014 

Photographed by: Mariano Vivanco